Kenya blog post #6

The CURA orphanage: a wonderful little oasis just outside of Nairobi. They had a great garden, an amazing chapel, a savvy computer lab, of course the dormitories, a library, and even a health clinic. The orphanage was established with the sponsorship of Rotary International and is sustained in part through support from Creative Visions, the legacy of Dan Eldon. That is how Good Sun got connected with CURA. Amy Eldon, Dan’s sister, suggested I contact CURA and see if they could use solar power at their facility. We were able to parter with Barefoot Power in Nairobi to procure a small solar DC lighting kit, leftover from a U.N. program, but unused and perfect for this application. We met with Daniel, the director at the orphanage, and he showed us around and introduced us to the staff and CURA family. We shared stories, laughed, danced to some music, took lots of photos, and had a nice lunch. It was a peaceful and powerful day, one of the best on our Kenya trip. We hope to return before too long to add more solar and visit with our friends.

Eric Stikes

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