Several months ago, Good Sun Solar’s Local Power group, was awarded a Department of Energy grant for the Solar In Your Community Challenge. We have accepted the challenge, now we have to perform. Our initial approach is to get a decent-sized solar PV system installed at a local school. In this case, Bitney Prep will kick off the Local Power program. Once the solar PV is installed, Bitney will begin to realize savings from not using as much utility power. A portion of that savings will be donated to the Local Power fund. When funds are sufficient, we will use that money to install another PV system on the roof of a local LMI household. That house will in-turn realize utility savings and donate a portion of those savings into the LP Fund. And so on. In addition, Bitney’s solar install will catalyze the advent of a solar learning lab and renewable energy curriculum at the school so that students can learn about clean energy while gaining real-world experience in preparation for the green jobs economy. Good Sun’s prior donation of used PV modules to Grass Valley Charter will hopefully spark similar participation in the Local Power wheel. Yuba River Charter is also on the list of schools to receive a donation from Good Sun.

Local Power hopes to gain the sponsorship of local solar contractors as well as local non-solar businesses, in support of their drive to increase access to renewable energy to low-moderate income families, schools, non-profits, government agencies, and our local community as a whole.

Finally, Local Power seeks to win financial backing from government agencies beyond the Department of Energy. Agencies such as Nevada County’s own Community Development Agency and the Cities of Nevada City, Grass Valley, and Truckee.

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