Power outage. Without power…with out.

Power with…in. The power within…you!

The power of a storm. The power in a lightning bolt. What does it mean to be able to flick a switch and have power? At the push of a button there’s light…

…or not. Perhaps you do not have a switch to flick. Perhaps you live in the wild, in the “third world”. Perhaps you live in the dark…without a voice…without the power to see, to connect, to evolve…but then…a sunrise…there is always light eventually.

The light of the sun shines on all people; equally, indiscriminately.

So is light, power? Well, let’s…see! Light can allow a person to see, and thus to do work. If one can perform work, one can become – powerful. Full. Of. Power.

But, light is not power. Light is the potential for power. A spotlight on your stage of life is the potential for you to be heard. Will you? Be heard? Sing perhaps? By singing your song, telling your story – applying your potential – you generate POWER. If you apply your power, you can create CHANGE and make a DIFFERENCE…   …in the world…in one person’s life…in the life of a tree or a forest like Jadav Payeng

Conversely, if one does no work, can one become powerful? Well, work, or energy, is power sustained over a period of time. E = P x t. So if there is no work, one can still have power but it will be suspended in time; there will be no expression, no measure, no evidence of it. When someone says they don’t have the energy to get out of bed; they don’t have the energy to fight or to tackle the task set before them, what they actually mean is they don’t have the power. Power comes from within. Energy is external; it is what is expressed by the exertion of one’s power. Energy is the effort you put in over the course of the task. Power is what allows you to start.

But before you begin you must know what you are doing, right? Or if you don’t know what you are doing, at least you must know how to do something, correct? Or if you don’t know how to do something, at least you must know why…In fact, you should start with why

…So if you don’t know anything, can you actually do anything? Is knowledge really power? That’s what they say. But no, knowledge is not power.

Knowledge is the light. Knowledge is potential. Knowledge is understanding how to do something or why something must be done; knowing what to do, or when to do it. Wisdom…wisdom is the actual doing of it. It is wisdom, not knowledge, that is power.

Once you know, you have potential. Once you do, you have power!

So why this blog post about power? Because Good Sun is an organization dedicated to emPOWERing people, by doing what we can to provide the energy, the light, the knowledge, the potential so that people can realize their own power.

Our motto is “Good power to the good people.” We’re not saying that there are bad people…but in this statement we are recognizing that some people work harder than others to make this world a better place. We have no interest in supporting efforts that makes this world worse, dirtier, less enjoyable, more dangerous, etc. Instead, we want to put a spotlight on people that do really good things for the world and we want to support those good people with good, clean renewable energy, so that they can be further empowered and we can help them further their good work. In some cases this may be to put solar on someone’s home to reduce their utility cost burden; or it may be installing a large PV system on the roof of a school to provide power…there it is again, that word POWER; or we may do something as simple as provide one solar panel and a battery to a small home in some remote place, so that a child can have 3 more hours of light each day by which to study…or perhaps 2 more hours of internet connectivity so that they can stand, if only in their small corner, up on the world stage…and sing!

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Do good. Be good.