Kenya blog post #2

Contemplating the last time I went to Africa, over 10 years ago…a different life, long ago. A path diverged, in the city. Does your path have heart? Are you a warrior…for peace and truth and justice? Africa, my mother. The red dirt cousin to Australia, another reunion long overdue. Hearts on sleeves here: I’ve wanted to go to Kenya since I was a boy; to the Rift Valley, to the Serengeti, to Kilimanjaro. Now I go without my heart? No, my heart has grown, large enough so I can leave the biggest part behind, in the hands of my girls, and still take a small slice with me to live the dream of a boy, more recently inspired by a young man no longer alive, stoned to death, but still strongly with us through creative visions, and the wisdom that the journey…the journey is, the destination.

Eric Stikes

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