Kenya blog post #5

Scott & Wrenna, the dynamic father-daughter duo. Oh how I would love to travel to Africa with my old man! Lucky girl. You can’t tell in this photo but Wrenna has red and blue hair, and because she’s “white”, she was our token red, white, and blue American girl from Cali. You can be sure that she got all the looks, good and bad, from the local Swahili boys. They had some special greeting for her and Jambo wasn’t it. Scott got his own sideways looks but being the oddball he is, he was used to that. Actually, in truth, Scott really shined in Africa. He was truly in his element and I will not be surprised when he tells me that he’s got his plane ticket to ride on back to the dark continent again very soon. His Big Picture program really kicked off well, thanks in very large part to his Kenyan counterpart, Carol Owala, but also because Scott is equal parts enthusiasm and execution. His energy and excitement is inspiring and his ability to just get sh*t done, regardless of rules or etiquette, is a welcome change in this day where everything has to be so correct. Not that he’s a rude boy, he’s just a bit rough around the edges, and so he fit right in to the scene of Nairobi, which is plenty rough around the edges, and all over in the middle too.

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