Peighton Peterson, daughter of Jeff Peterson, Good Sun’s chief solar designer, has launched her pro snowboarding career with a bang! She’s pushing well past the limits of what her coaches thought she was capable of and proving to her seasoned competition that this newcomer is here to play. A while back, in the middle of training for an upcoming competition, she cracked her board and needed a replacement. Good Sun was proud to donate $500 to the cause and purchase a new Ride OMG board so she could keep on shredding. And she has. Most recently, after placing among the top ranks in her divisions, Peighton has been invited to compete in the USASA National Championships in both slope style and boarder cross. Currently, Jeff is trying to fundraise to send Peighton to the championships. Turns out, becoming a pro snowboarder is not cheap. Please visit Jeff and Peighton’s GoFundMe campaign to contribute to this amazing rising star and help Peighton go pro!

Eric Stikes

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