What a year we had in 2018! Full of grant writing and rejections, a few big wins from the U.S. DOE, embezzlement from a good friend, outright thievery from another, completed two really good school solar projects with an outstanding group of people, formed some wonderful partnerships with top-notch solar companies, many trips to the Bay Area for module donations, and one brilliant trip to Africa.
And now there’s 2019, which is already shaping up to blow 2018 out of the water with negotiations for donations of over 500kW, professional consultation contracts rolling in, one for a 120kW school PV project, more solar school projects, solar for a homeless shelter, a fun trip to Italy to look at solar for an eco farm in Tuscany, and an epic trip to Uganda planned for this fall which will include gorilla trekking and school building, and if all goes according to plan, a climb to the roof of Africa on Kilimanjaro!…and it’s only Q1!
Hold on to your hats, cause it’s going to be a wild ride in 2019!
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