We know solar.

Good Sun is available for non-biased, professional consultation on your existing solar system or future solar project. We have experience in residential, commercial, grid-connected, off-grid, roof-mount, ground-mount, and battery storage solutions.

We offer consultation from full NABCEP-certified and licensed solar professionals with over 18 years in the solar business, who will not be trying to sell you on anything because we do not contract solar installations. Our aim is to provide you with expert solar advice regarding your solar investment, in the form of a third-party, professional evaluation of your system or the bid you have received from a contractor.

We act as your personal solar trainer to help you to understand:

  1. The information being presented by a solar sales person
  2. Whether the bid makes sense, for you and/or with respect to other bids
  3. Financial vehicles such as loan versus lease
  4. Technical information such as micro-inverters versus string inverters, and battery back-up/storage; and
  5. The differences in solar panels (modules) such as LG versus SolarWorld versus Sunpower.
  6. We can also help you understand your utility bill so you know what to expect from your utility-solar system before, during, and after going solar.

We request a tax-deductible donation for this service that will be proportional to your anticipated investment. For example, we will request a smaller donation for the review and analysis of a 5kW proposal than for a 50kW proposal.

Contact us at (530) 559-6660 for a consultation or to find out more about this service.