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Good Sun’s co-founder, Eric Stikes is in his second year in the Harvard School of Extension Studies ALM program. Within this program, Eric is investigating – in addition to sustainable solutions across both the built and natural environments – how a used solar panel market can help to reduce soft costs in the primary PV market.

Bringing PV costs down will help bring solar within reach of the low-and-middle-income (LMI) classes. It is LMI adoption of PV that will finally bring the market to index standardization and complete the transition of our energy economy away from fossil-fuels and into clean power.

Project status: Good Sun’s secondary market pilot project is in full operation. We are actively procuring used PV stock to restore and resell, and we are tracking all sales in an effort to collect the data needed to identify a viable secondary market.

Project Details: We accept donations of used PV. Some of this product goes direct to Good Sun projects. Other products are more appropriate for our resale operation We sell used PV on online platforms such as Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and here on our website. The money raised goes to support our operations and projects, like our upcoming school & solar service trip to Uganda.

Project Timeline: The pilot program and Harvard research study are expected to be complete by the end of 2020.


Grass Valley, California, USA.


Eric Stikes, Good Sun – eric@goodsun.life