Good Sun is working in the planning stages to install an off-grid solar PV system on the Rwamagana Lutheran School in Rwamagana, Rwanda. PV will provide power to the facilities as well as serve as an opportunity for the students to learn about renewable energy.


Rwamagana, Rwanda, Africa.


Eric Stikes, Founder – Good Sun Solar –
Karl Smith, President – Rwamagana Lutheran School –

Start Date

TBD – Tentatively scheduled summer 2018.


Good Sun liaison to travel Rwanda in Spring 2017. Logistics and fundraising. Seeking volunteers.

Solar Rwama Donor Supporters

Karl Smith – Rwamagana Lutheran School Founder
Shaun Tomson – Pro Surfer
R. Ruebusch – PV module donor
J. Petty              K, Saenger             M. Becker
J. Saari              S. Baggett              A. Cooper
B. Gray              M. Roussin             T. Roussin
J. Holt               C. Stolee                 S. Stolee
J. Markey          A. Markey               S. Power
D. Holmerud     M. Holmerud

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