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For contractors, manufacturers, and distributors (CMD):

Why a partnership with Good Sun makes good business sense

  1. Marketing:By signing a partnership agreement or MOU with Good Sun, we establish a formal relationship that gives your firm a recognized nonprofit partner. In the solar & green industry especially, a little bit of philanthropy can go a long way with your client base. This type of partnership showcases your community values and earns you recognition for more than just a solar CMD. This distinction sets you apart from your competition, and can win you more business.
  2. Networking: With a partnership, our clients become your clients by proxy. We advertise our work in the community and we make sure to give recognition to our sponsors and partners. This gives you greater exposure and can also win you more business.
  3. Altruism: Working with a nonprofit for the benefit of the greater community is very rewarding on a personal level; and knowing that you’re doing good for others makes your professional work more enjoyable.
  4. Cost Savings: Having Good Sun deal with the handling and transport of used PV equipment can be a huge cost savings to your company. Did you know that used PV modules are considered hazardous waste by the State of California? A Hazmat license is required to transport and dispose of the used PV. Without a license, fines of over $70k per day may be imposed. Good Sun can help you avoid this issue altogether. By removing the used PV from your possession, whether from the job site or from your warehouse, we relieve you of the cost to handle, transport, store, and dispose of the material. This can be a cost savings of up to $1/W, not including the hazmat issues.
  5. Tax Write-off: Good Sun is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. As such, we’re happy to provide your company and/ or your clientele with a donation receipt in exchange for the used equipment. Any donation to Good Sun is tax-deductible.
  6. Environmental Benefits: Without an option to donate used PV equipment, many CMDs may turn to landfill for disposal. Not only is this illegal in California, it poses a threat to the ground and water when the solar material breaks down and leaches into the environment. For damaged PV modules that cannot be placed back into service, we partner with Recycle PV and PVCycle.
  7. Industry Impact: Due to the incredible market growth of PV over the past 20 years, many CMDs have not yet begun to think about the used PV market and how a secondary market benefits the primary market. Good Sun is currently involved in a master-level research study at Harvard University‘s extension school, investigating how the solar resale market can reduce costs and increase sales in the primary market. Historical case studies demonstrate that a healthy resale market boosts both consumer and investor confidence: Increased consumer confidence in the resale value of the product leads to increased sales of new product; and increased investor confidence in asset recovery value translates to reduced risk, allowing for a reduction in reserve collateral, which then leads to reduced soft costs such as lending fees. By supporting Good Sun’s used PV operations, you are investing in the business development and sustainability of your own company.


For more information and to get started with your Good Sun partnership, please contact us.


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